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✔ Each unit designed specific to the air handling unit; 10 ton and above

✔ Standard design is URV-13 to ensure 99% eradication of airborne and surface pathogens

✔ Pre-wired and tested during manufacturing for ease of installation

✔ Proprietary extrusion design with military-grade connectors

✔ Optional slide out racks and magnetic proximity door safety switches

✔ Designed to last the life of your HVAC equipment


✔ Designed for any size or brand rooftop AHU unit

✔ Aluminum wiring covers

✔ Water-proof electrical quick connects

✔ Extreme durability to withstand the elements

✔ Meets all state and national building codes

Light Commercial & Residential

✔ Designed specifically for each AHU up to 10 tons

✔ 99% eradication of airborne and surface pathogens including Covid-19

✔ No proprietary bulbs or expensive cost of ownership

✔ Reduces energy consumption and maintenance

✔ High-quality all metal design

Upper Air

✔ Ceiling, wall, and hybrid mounted systems for up to 1,000 sq ft of coverage

✔ Designed for occupied and high traffic spaces

✔ Designed to ASHRAE and OSHA safety requirements

✔ Safety switches implemented into the design

✔ Outdoor event tents to surgery rooms, we have a design for you


✔ Designed to sanitized unoccupied spaces

✔ Includes timer and motion sensors

✔ Utilized in emergency vehicles and hospital rooms to restaurant kitchens

✔ Accessory options make unlimited use of applications

Air Monitoring

✔ Designed to cover up to 5,000 sq ft

✔ 7” Color Touchscreen displace

✔ Measures Particulate Matter, VOCs, CO2, Temperature, Humidity

✔ Real time cloud communication via Wi-fi or Ethernet

✔ Monitor multiple devices from App

✔ Open API for seamless integration into any building automation system